Banish the winter blues and bugs by breathing new life into your carpets!

Banish the winter blues and bugs by breathing new life into your carpets!

Goodbye winter, hello spring!
Spring, it seems, is finally here. Outside the snowdrops, daffodils and crocuses are already starting to inject a splash of welcome colour back in our gardens and parks.

Despite this winter being one of the mildest on record it has still left its mark in terms of heavy rainfall and flooding across large parts of the UK – leading to many homes and businesses dealing with a legacy of water damage to carpets and furnishings. The lack of significant snowfall may have been a bonus but Mother Nature has certainly made us pay in other ways!

However, the good news is that with the worst of the winter storms behind us and warmer weather starting to dominate the forecasts now is a terrific time to start thinking about giving your home, property or business a proper spring clean!

It’s time to throw open those windows, pull on those rubber gloves and start cleaning the place like you’re in a Doris Day musical! And what better way to start than a professional deep clean for your carpets?

Freshen up your carpets and say goodbye to winter grime
Everyone knows that carpets have a really hard time of things during the winter months – even with the strictest house rules about ‘no outside shoes on the carpet!’ boots continue tramping in dirt, mud and water which can migrate so easily from you hall and into the rest of your house.

However, in addition to these more obvious sources of dirt your carpets also face another problem…

During the winter months we all tend to do the same thing: close all the windows and turn up the central heating – This has two consequences: Sealing the house up means that dust particles, pollens and other pollutants tend to have nowhere to go and with there being no real flow of fresh air through your property they tend to migrate downwards – and into your carpets. Secondly, although central heating is terrific at keeping us warm it also provides a nice cosy environment for some unwelcome bugs and bacteria to make themselves at home in your carpet too.

Despite not being blessed with modern technology such as the internet, smartphones and tablets our great grandparents weren’t stupid: They knew that after a long period of being shut up through the winter months it was a good idea to have a good, thorough clean as soon as spring arrived. Doing so got rid of all the dust and dirt that had accumulated during the dark, cold months before.

Let A Star Carpet Cleaning bring a breath of fresh air into your home!
When it comes to getting your carpets really clean, right down to the base of the pile, our fully trained technicians really know what they are doing. Using the very latest in hot water extraction carpet cleaning technology – together with our range of professional AND environmentally friendly Pro-Chem cleaning solutions – we can not only restore your carpets to their former glory but also eliminate the harmful bugs and bacteria that DIY carpet cleaners leave behind!

What’s more we are pleased to offer our carpet cleaning services outside of normal working hours – with no extra charge for weekends!

Let our expert carpet cleaning technicians help you bring the freshness of spring back into your home or business premises today.

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