Don’t cry over spilt milk – Get A-Star Carpet Cleaning in!

Don’t cry over spilt milk – Get A-Star Carpet Cleaning in!

Act fast to tackle powerful pongs!
There’s nothing worse than an accidental spillage which not only looks awful but smells bad too. Whether it’s milk which has leaked in the back of the car on the way home from the supermarket, pet accidents when they can’t get outside for a little ‘private time’ or a child being sick on your brand new sofa following a bit too much Jelly & ice cream you need to act quickly. Left to linger for any length of time you’ll not only have an unsightly stain to deal with but a loitering smell guaranteed to clear a room in less than 10 seconds…

In all the above examples the awful stench associated with the offending mess is down to bacteria. As well as harbouring the potential for some pretty unpleasant germs the fact that bacteria grows and increases as time goes on means that the sour smell of off milk is only going to get worse the longer it’s left untreated. Leave it too long and the only real option you’ll have is to dispose of the whole cushion, carpet or rug!

Treating the spill yourself – Hold your nose and get those rubber gloves on!
Spilt milk, urine, faeces and vomit need careful, thorough cleaning if you are to avoid trouble further down the line. In all cases start by mopping up the excess liquid or solid traces using paper towels or kitchen roll. Remove as much of the spill as you can (being especially careful in the case of toilet waste or vomit to wear protective gloves) before attempting any form of cleaning.

Check carefully that the carpet or upholstery is suitable for home cleaning!
Some fabrics and materials require strictly professional cleaning methods and scrubbing at these delicate textiles can cause irreparable damage! If you know or suspect that your upholstery or carpet falls into this category then it’s much better to call out A Star Carpet Cleaning: experts in cleaning materials like this without causing damage.

If the material is suitable for home cleaning then you’ll need to wash the affected area methodically with a suitable mix of detergent and hot water. Take your time and ensure that it is thoroughly clean – it’s remarkable how missing even a small spot can result in a lingering, unpleasant smell – before drying the area with a safe, colourfast towel.

In many cases the application of a suitable antibacterial solution, following cleaning, will act to combat any nasty odours – this can be something as simple as ordinary disinfectant (suitability diluted according to the instructions on the bottle).

Finally, leave the area to air dry and ventilate the room for as long as possible to aid the removal of any lingering pongs!

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