Hate the Winter? Not as much as your carpet does!

Hate the Winter? Not as much as your carpet does!

Are your carpets getting the winter treatment?
Snow- We love it. Here at A Star we like nothing better than rushing into the garden after some snowfall and making carpet cleaning professional snowmen (and snow-women, obviously).

However, it’s safe to say that the carpets in your home, rental property or business take a much dimmer view of the winter climate… The new year often brings with it the onset of the kind of weather best viewed from inside: rain, sleet and snow conspire to leave pathways, roads and playgrounds wet and muddy, ready to be tramped through your house, school or business, and leaving your carpets looking like they’ve been pulled out of a ditch!

Why wait until spring to have your carpets and upholstery professionally cleaned by the experts? Book an appointment today and you could be making a big difference to your home or business!

Dirt: Its business is to ruin your business!
Sadly, in winter, “bringing the outside in” is not the same as flinging open a window for some fresh air on a beautiful spring morning. In January and February largely what’s outside is actually mud – most of just waiting for an opportunity for someone to introduce it to your carpets.

In many homes, of course, we all take care to remove our shoes or boots before we walk across carpets but unhappily this is very rarely the case when it comes to offices, shops, hotels, places of business or properties which are open to the public such as schools and churches. This can be a real headache as carpets in entrances and reception areas quickly become soiled, discoloured and damp through a constant procession of outdoor footwear grinding dirt and mud into them – certainly not the best first impression with which to welcome potential new customers or guests.

Obviously, you can mitigate some of the damage by using mats or plastic floor coverings but in high traffic areas or where these are not in keeping with a prestige environment this can only give limited protection. To ensure your business high traffic areas give the right impression it’s essential to have these areas regularly and professionally cleaned.

A Star carpet & upholstery cleaning offers a professional service for homes, rental properties and all types of business across Ipswich, Stowmarket, Suffolk and North Essex. Our fully trained, expert and uniformed staff employ powerful, vehicle mounted carpet cleaners and the latest Prochem detergents to leave your reception area and office carpets wonderfully clean, fresh and ready to receive visitors or potential new clients.

What’s more, whether you are a homeowner or business A Star are more than happy to provide their expert carpet cleaning services outside of normal working hours, including evenings and weekends.

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