Professional carpet cleaning following flooding or water leak

Professional carpet cleaning following flooding or water leak

Water, water everywhere – and most of it will stink…
With flooding not only is the problem the sheer volume of water entering properties but the fact that it is often filthy and contaminated with effluent and sewage. This becomes a major problem in terms of being unsanitary as well as the overpowering and offensive odour.

Here at A Star Carpet Cleaning we thought it was only right that we addressed the issue of cleaning carpets damaged by flooding or escape of water from burst pipes.

When is it appropriate to have a carpet professionally cleaned after a flood?
Any significant amount of water escaping onto your carpets is serious and needs immediate action. In terms of flooding from an exterior water source (a river or sea) there is often no middle ground – your carpet is either wholly underwater or dry. Whereas a burst pipe or accidentally spillage may only result in partial coverage.

The key questions are:

  • How much water is there?
  • Is the water clean or fouled?

In cases of environmental flooding of your whole carpet the only safe option is that it is taken up and disposed of – Even being wet for as little as 12 hours can start the process of mould forming in the carpet, not to mention the additional hazards of untreated, germ laden sewage. In these instances even professional carpet cleaning will likely not return your carpet to a pre-flood state. Our advice is: Don’t take chances – get it up and disposed of as quickly as possible.

However, where flooding has been caused by a clean water source (such as a burst internal water pipe) there is every chance that professional carpet cleaning could help -but you must act QUICKLY. As stated above carpets which remain wet for even as little as 12 hours can begin the process of mould and mildew forming – a state of affairs which can rapidly lead to your carpet becoming unsalvageable.

Call A Star carpet cleaning – ASAP!

As professional carpet cleaners A Star have the equipment and the knowledge to deal with your water damaged carpet fast. Our powerful, vehicle mounted carpet cleaning machines can be brought in to quickly and efficiently remove the excess water and effectively clean the affected area – right down to the pile.

Our helpful, fully trained carpet cleaning technicians are even available outside of normal business hours – such as evenings and weekends – ensuring that we will tackle your carpet flood problem promptly. Using our range of professional grade Prochem detergents and cleaners we can tackle the spores and dirt which can lead to mould setting in.

A Star Carpet cleaning will leave your carpets not only scrupulously fresh and clean but also dry enough to start the natural airing process.

If you are a home owner, tenant, landlord or business who suffers escape of water damage or clean water flooding A Star Carpet cleaning can help.

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