Spot and Stain Removal

If a spillage has just occurred or a spot or stain is fairly recent, please read our guide on how to remove carpet stains for advice and tips on what to do next.

If you have had a spillage or another substance has left a presence on your carpets or fabrics, care is required to gently remove the problem without causing it to absorb into the fibres, which can lead to a permanent stain. Our spot and stain removal processes are approved for all type of fibres and fabrics, subject to testing. An understanding of the type of carpet or fabric and its construction, along with the type of problem area will determine what results can be achieved.

If a spot or stain is sitting on top of a fibre and has not been exposed or absorbed for a long time, then generally an attempt at removal should be successful. However, if a stain has been previously worked upon with proprietary household stain removal products then results may be limited.

We have a range of stain removal techniques to professionally deal with problem areas, but sometimes a spillage or foreign substance may have dyed or permanently changed the colour of the fibre.

For details of our stain and spot removal service or any other cleaning services we provide please email us. Alternatively, call us on 01228 670836 or free on 0800 0235517.

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