How DIY carpet cleaning could end up costing you more

How DIY carpet cleaning could end up costing you more

Cleaning your own carpets: A false economy?
Like so many mistakes it seemed like a great idea at the time. Even with regular vacuum cleaning your carpets have started to look a little grubby – perhaps the occasional absent minded accident with a glass of red wine or a Friday night Indian take-away treat has resulted in stain that you are fed up hiding under a strategically positioned chair or pouffe… However, it came about: your carpets need cleaning.

At this point you face a choice – Find a professional carpet cleaner in the Ipswich area with years of expertise, the very latest in hot water extraction cleaning equipment and a reputation for excellence or do it yourself. Sadly (but understandably) all too often people make this decision based solely on one thing: price – Why pay slightly more for a professional carpet cleaner when you can do it yourself for less?
The answer is that using a DIY carpet cleaner may actually end up costing you more – and not just in terms of money.

Professional carpet cleaning vs DIY: A question of power
Firstly, the kinds of carpet cleaning machines you can hire from your local DIY shop or hardware store are smaller than those used by professionals, like A Star. This is because they must be small enough for you to a) put in the back of your car and b) push around your carpets at home.

Don’t get us wrong: In many instances small is beautiful (just look at Kylie Minogue) – but when it comes to carpet cleaning you need as much power as you can get. Smaller DIY machines lack the power of the professional, vehicle mounted carpet cleaners which A Star use. A bigger machine means better performance and a clean which gets right down into the pile of your carpet rather than just tickling the surface.

What’s more because they lack the powerful suction of professional models DIY carpet cleaners often leave your carpets too damp. This is not only inconvenient (who wants wet socks when you walk across your living room?!) but can actually cause a number of other problems, such as mould, bad smells, discolouration or browning due to over wetting and even shrinkage.

Whilst all of these are unwanted the issue regarding mould is particularly problematic if you, or a member of your family, suffer from asthma or allergies. The spores released by moulds and suchlike are released into the air and can cause medical problems in those sensitive to such contaminants.

Dirtier than when you started
Using a DIY carpet cleaner may actually end up causing your carpets to become dirtier again, faster. Because they are not as efficient as professional carpet cleaners self-hire machines often leave traces of detergent in the carpet. This actually attracts more dirt leading to a rapid re-soiling of the carpet, which in turn means you will have to clean it again in less time than if you had used a professional cleaner in the first place. Don’t get caught out – Make your first call A Star Carpet Cleaning.

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