How to get stubborn pet hair out of your carpets and off upholstery

How to get stubborn pet hair out of your carpets and off upholstery

Anyone who owns a pet will know all too well how much of a problem it can be when animals start shedding and leaving their hair all over carpets and items of furniture. It can get everywhere, onto all surfaces. You’ll find it on the carpet, attached to clothes, in your food – in fact just about anywhere you care to look. Certain breeds are more prone to shedding hair but in general it is an issue that most dog and cat owners face. Of course, if you happen to suffer from allergies then an excess of pet hair can make your breathing, sneezing and runny nose even worse.

Fortunately, there are a number of tricks to getting stubborn pet hair out of carpets and off upholstery:

  • Using a wet or damp cloth, or simply wetting the palm of your hand can work wonders. As the hair gets moist it becomes far easier to simply scrape off.
  • Find a piece of Velcro to use on your carpets and upholstery and you’ll get rid of stubborn pet hair far more easily.
  • Invest in a specialist vacuum cleaner. There are now appliances on the market that have been designed to tackle the problem of pet hair, especially when it’s attached to carpets. Brushes with rubber bristles are also available if you’re more interested in a cheaper, manual option.
  • Strips of Sellotape are ideal for pulling up pet hair from fabric, although the process is quite labour-intensive. You can also buy rollers that are specially designed to be used on items of furniture and clothes to pick up unwanted hair.
  • Pull on a rubber glove and brush your hand over the area to be cleaned, a squeegee can work too. The hair should stick to the rubber, making it easier to remove.

The reality is that if you live with a hairy pet then shedding is something that you simply have to put up with. However, the handy tips above are ideal quick fixes, especially if you have guests coming around.

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